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JobCo. Training delivers an extensive range of Nationally Accredited Courses from their scope of registration in accordance with the AQTF, VRQA and Skills Victoria requirements. The training programs currently include both classroom and workplace delivery across a variety of JobCo. sites throughout Melbourne.

All our trainer/assessors are professionals in their respective industries. Each brings their own experiences and passion and a working knowledge of the specific industry, which enable them to deliver and assess using flexible approaches.

Our team at JobCo. Training understand the individualís struggle to sometimes obtain a good work/life balance, we therefore pride ourselves in being able to support individuals on a more practical scale. We focus on the person not just the number.

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Who we are

JobCo. Training is a Victorian non for profit registered training organisation (TOID 21014). We are located in Melbourne's North Western suburbs and have a passion for delivering quality Nationally Accredited courses. We are a small RTO that focuses on supporting the individual and pride ourselves on being able to adjust the learning to adapt to each student and their needs, setting achievable goals to allow a student to understand the work and excel in their industry.

Meet our Consultants


Hi, my name is Walter and I believe everyone deserves an opportunity; I have worked within the Apprenticeships and Traineeships sector for the past 12 years which has given me the experience to assist and help individuals succeed in their chosen careers. I have worked closely with the Early Childhood industry and over the years it has provided me with the knowledge to support Childcare Educators to proceed in the Industry Empowering and providing the tools for Educators to succeed in their Childcare Training. Working in this field is so rewarding and satisfying, knowing that our children are cared for and educated by the students we support.

Walter Pirozzi
Mobile: 0418 561 929

Our Traininers

Our Trainers are here to support your individual learning needs, with month by month support for our workplace/traineeship students. They have extensive industry knowledge and have worked in the industry for multiple years ranging from room leaders to centre Directors. This allows them to have the ability to relate, be empathetic and understand how difficult the industry can be and all the challenges. They are also very passionate at how rewarding the industry can be if you have a positive outlook and love what you do.

JobCo. Training has a duty of care to teach and imbed safe professional work practices and to support not only the students, but the centres and all the families with children who attend care.


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